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Established in October 1986, Douglasville Books has become a household name in Douglas County and has now grown to be a magnificent pillar in the community.

It is recognized and listed as The Best of Douglas and belongs to many national publications and book organizations.

Douglasville Books is 100% family owned and operated by Douglas County residents and is strongly positioned as a trilingual bookstore catering to everyone from all walks of life.

Douglasville Books sells a wide variety of fiction, non-fiction and general interest books in English and Spanish languages, as well as text & assessments. In addition, it also offers a nice selection of stationery, artwork, novelty items and audiobooks.

Douglasville Books will be more accessible for more interactive activities as we continue to explore value-enhancing features such as book club memberships, StoryTime, promotion and event updates, rewards and privileges, cooking demonstrations for cookbook launches, and more.
Douglasville Books aims to continue growing so that customers can enjoy abundant benefits through our physical stores as well as offer a conducive and relaxing ambience for a whole new reading and browsing experience.

Douglasville Books is continuously reinventing itself to become a customer-centric and dynamic retailer of the new millennium. And the owners both being published Authors and experienced in editing and publishing with a true passion for books is most certainly an advantage!


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